Upcoming Screenings

“Circles” is an Official Selection of Northeast Film Festival and Beacon Independent Film Festival. Kaitlin Puccio has been selected to be a panelist on a Women In Film panel, moderated by Enid Zentelis.

“Circles” screening September 6, 12:00pm, Northeast Film Festival.

“Circles” screening September 13, 11:30am, Beacon Independent Film Festival.

Women In Film Panel, 3:30pm, Beacon Independent Film Festival

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3 Misconceptions About Being Gluten-Free I Had as a Beginner, by Celia Kaye

When my doctor first suggested that I go on a gluten-free diet, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what exactly gluten was, but it seemed to be in almost everything. Thoughts of running a vineyard in pasta-plentiful Italy turned to sour grapes. My shoe budget was reassigned to picking up the extra cost of gluten-free food. My favorite cookies: extradited to someone else’s pantry.

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